• Kate Casa
    Kate Casa
    Director, Communications
  • Nara de Sá Guimarães
    Nara de Sá Guimarães
    Senior Director, Marketing
  • Andrew Dick
    Andrew Dick
    Director, Global Operations
  • Carla Lineback
    Carla Lineback
    Director, Alumni Engagement
  • Gretchen Magnuson
    Gretchen Magnuson
    Senior HR Manager
  • Ian O’Brien
    Ian O’Brien
    Director, Safety and Security
  • Alexis Page
    Alexis Page
    Director, Annual Giving and Prospect Management
  • Mory Pagel
    Mory Pagel
    Executive Director, Institutional Relations and Strategic Partnerships
  • Eric Wirth
    Eric Wirth
    Associate Dean, Admissions