The TESOL Center offers teacher education courses and certificates tailored for educators, nonprofit leaders, and students in the field of TESOL, as well as courses designed for English language learners. In addition, our global capacity-strengthening trainings enhance the ecosystem of organizations providing TESOL education and resources.

  • World Learning and SIT

    SIT is the academic arm of World Learning, a global development and exchange nonprofit. World Learning and SIT have worked in partnership to offer world-renowned, accredited TESOL and English language learning programs and certificates for more than 30 years.

  • TESOL Catalog

    The TESOL Center has a wide selection of courses and certificates for a range of learning needs. For a comprehensive look at all the TESOL Center’s program options, explore our online catalog.

  • Program Inquiry

    The TESOL Center partners with universities and organizations who want to offer our programs or need customized ones. Please contact us if interested in learning more about our partnerships or programs in general.

  • SIT TESOL Certificate (in-person and online)

    Offered since 1997, the SIT TESOL Certificate is a 180-hour accredited program for aspiring or experienced teachers to learn teaching skills and become part of a worldwide professional TESOL network. With more than 15,000 teachers trained in over 100 countries, alumni are connected to a wide network of TESOL professionals and opportunities across the globe.

  • Extensive Program Portfolio

    Whether you want to teach English or learn English, we have a range of in-person, hybrid, and online programs to meet all needs and levels. We offer certificate courses and full programs; professional development and training of trainers programs; and English language learning courses. We teach specialized content, such as learning English for the workforce or how to teach English in an online environment. We also partner with universities, schools, and government agencies to implement customized modules designed for teaching English in specific content areas such as digital literacy and environmental education.

  • Experiential Learning Approach

    Experiential learning is a foundational approach of World Learning’s and SIT’s program design. This approach to learning operates on a relational form of interaction between guided experiences, reflection, and theory. We engage participants in concrete learning experiences and provide a period of reflection that encourages them to think critically about their new depth of knowledge. This allows participants to thoughtfully apply skills and create relevant connections for future learning and successful professional growth.

  • Professional Expertise

    The TESOL Center’s programs are developed and delivered by a team of professionals in the U.S. and overseas with expertise in areas including language program management, teacher education programs, language program curriculum development for K-12, higher education capacity building, adult education, and school complementary programs. Over the period of 50 years, we have established a wide network of TESOL professionals and more than 70,000 alumni participants across the world. This global span allows us to design contextualized programs based on the specific needs and goals of local educators and organizations.