Mission & Vision


SIT educates future scholars and professionals in diverse settings to address the most critical global issues in pursuit of a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world.


SIT fulfills its mission by offering transformative reflective learning and research experiences that prepare agents of change to work across cultures and communities for the mutual benefit of all.


SIT aspires to be a global research-professional university offering values-driven, high-impact programs and practitioner-oriented degrees through collaborative, learner-centered, experiences based on reciprocal and meaningful engagement with diverse communities.


SIT’s mission and approach are guided by core values that unite our community, inform our practices, and drive our decision-making. These values serve as both a reflection and aspiration as we strive to fulfill our mission, helping us frame who we are and who we want to be as an institution of higher education.

Community: We value active togetherness, reciprocity, and respect as the essential ingredients for sustainable community-building. With our presence and our programs, we create a global network of learners empowered to become community builders and collaborators.

Intercultural Understanding: With open minds, empathy, and courage, we facilitate understanding of and respect for the commonalities and differences between people. We do this through cultural immersion and experiential learning, which leads us to seek and create a better world.

Social Inclusion & Justice: We champion inclusion in all that we are and all that we do, from ensuring our community and our programs amplify the voices, agency, and dignity of all people to deliberately instilling the principles and practices of inclusion in all of our work. We seek a world in which individuals and communities are self-determining, interdependent, and equitable.

Sustainability: We are committed to human and environmental well-being and contributing to a better world for all living and future generations.