Join us at the Lewy Global Education Technology Forum @ SIT

March 24th, 2017   |   SIT Study Abroad

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Today's educational landscape includes a wide range of options – online classes, self-directed learning, multimedia instruction and more. On April 25, the School for International Training in Vermont hosts the Lewy Global Education Technology Forum at SIT. We’ll explore ways to harness technology without sacrificing experiential learning.

This forum brings together leaders in the field of education to discuss challenges and opportunities to improve our use of technology to teach, collaborate, and include a more students, faculty, and staff in achieving our mission of education the next generation of global leaders. Keynote peakers will include Rahul Choudaha of DrEducation, Davison Mupinga from Kent State University, and Tom Sayer of Google for Education.

Sessions will explore:

  • Technology for Inclusion: How can we use technology to help more people have access to our programs and content? What are the best tools and applications to help students with diverse needs and those who use assistive technology?
  • Technology for Collaboration: How can we best use tools like videos and podcasts, learning management systems, programs for data visualization, online team management tools, and synchronous video-conferencing software to collaborate and communicate more efficiently with colleagues and students?
  • Technology for Administration:  What does a cohesive, unified platform for business and student interaction look like? What tools are needed to improve cost efficiency, and to expand collaboration with program partners and students?
  • Technology for Learning:  What tools will help our students apply theory to their practice? How can we use technology to enhance our values-based education, focusing on social justice, reciprocity, and experiential education?

As our virtual or in-person guest, you’ll join students, faculty, and staff from SIT Graduate Institute, SIT Study Abroad, The Experiment in International Living, and other World Learning departments; representatives from partner institutions; experts in education technology; and leaders from technology companies. 

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Keynote speakers

Day One

Rahul Choudaha
Principal Researcher and Chief Executive Officer at DrEducation
Accelerating Campus Internationalization with Technology: Emerging Trends and Strategies

Davison Mupinga
Professor of Career and Technical Information at Kent State University
Education in the Digital Era: Practices and Implications.

Tom Sayer
Google for Education
Collaborating for Learning Using Modern Productivity Tools

Day Two (for SIT/World Learning students, faculty and staff only)

Samantha Earp
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Smith College
Digital Media Literacies: Developing Learner Independence, Providing Lifelong Benefits