Norma Contreras

Norma is an Arica native. She holds a  degree in business administration engineering with a mention in finances  from the University Arturo Prat and a post-graduate degree from the University of Tarapaca and the Adolfo Ibanez in Santiago.   Norma  has been with SIT-Arica since 2013 and is responsible for arranging and monitoring student homestays as well as the providing support and overall care of students’ health and personal needs. Norma also works with the program’s financial administration. Previously, she  was director of administration and finances of the Chilean Association of Security, a private health care organization that oversees the laws on workplace accidents and professional illness. Norma and her family were a homestay family for SIT students. Norma brings to the program her great network and contacts in Arica and her concern and care for the SIT students on this program.

Norma Contreras

SIT Study Abroad

Coordinator of Student Services and Finances

CHILE: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment

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