Diversity and Inclusion

School for International Training (SIT) was founded on the idea of fostering understanding by bringing together people of different cultures. More than 50 years later, we strive to uphold this idea by running diverse and inclusive programs that reflect our institutional commitment to social justice.

Understanding Inclusion

Every individual has multiple social identities — such as ethnicity, nationality, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socioeconomic background — that intersect and affect our lived experiences in profound ways. SIT prioritizes having a truly diverse community of students and staff that work toward real inclusion — in which the voices and experiences of historically marginalized groups are centered. Being an international institution, we also recognize that the privilege and power ascribed to our identities in one context may be quite different in another. We are committed to better understanding the global nuances of diversity, inclusion, and equity.  

Actively Promoting Equity and Social Justice

Many communities (e.g., students of color, LGBTQI students, working class and poor students, students with disabilities) have long been marginalized or excluded from full access to the resources offered by institutions of higher education. We strive to uncover and address the legacies, policies, and institutional practices that stand in the way of inclusion. We are committed to hiring qualified, sensitive, and experienced staff and faculty who teach, train, and facilitate in a manner that upholds our vision for inclusion and social justice.