Nancy Maribel Garcia

Nancy is an expert in human rights, migration, transnational migration, and the search for missing migrants in Mexico and the U.S. She is recognized by the people and government of Oaxaca as one of the most dedicated and effective migrant human rights defenders. Nancy is co-founder of MANOS: Migrantes Apoyados, No Olvidados, a nonprofit organization in Oaxaca providing free legal services to refugees, migrants, and those who have been separated from their families due to unjust and inhumane U.S. immigration laws and policies. MANOS also implements educational projects that help civil society understand the migration phenomenon from an informed and humanistic perspective. Before co-founding MANOS, she was founder and director of Caminos A.C., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the search, guidance, and support of Oaxacan migrants and their families. She was also director of COMI, the only shelter in Oaxaca for Central Americans, and she worked for nine years giving guidance and information to refugees about the asylum process in Mexico.

She is co-author of the book “Herramientas para la Bùsqueda de Migrantes.” For three years, she was part of the Argentinian forensic team that specializes in the search for missing migrants through DNA testing. Nancy is member of the Justice in Motion network and the Activist and Defender network in Oaxaca. In 2018, she completed her BA in economic, social, and cultural human rights at the ProDESC School of Transnational Justice in Mexico City.


  • BA, Economic, Social, and Cultural Human Rights, ProDESC School for Transnational Justice
Nancy Maribel Garcia

SIT Study Abroad

Southern Border Excursion Coordinator

MEXICO: Migration, Borders, and Transnational Communities

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