Emma Argüelles


Emma oversees students’ homestay experiences. She finds new hosts and matches every student with the homestay family that promises to be the best fit, both for the student and the host. Students and families check in with Emma regularly throughout the semester, and Emma is the first point-of-contact for students if they have questions or issues related to their homestay experience. Emma hails from Argentina but now lives in Haarlem, a city just outside of Amsterdam. As a former exchange student, she understands the challenges that come with studying abroad, adjusting to a new culture, and living in a homestay. Her goal is to guide families and students through the process of overcoming those challenges and transforming them into significant learning experiences. Besides working for SIT, Emma collaborates with Project Fearless, organizing after-school programs that focus on confidence-building, resilience, and creativity for girls and female-identifying youths ages 9-14 .

Emma Argüelles

SIT Study Abroad

Homestay Coordinator

NETHERLANDS: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender

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