Elisabeth Meur, PhD

Elisabeth has a PhD in international relations from the University of Namur, where she examined the influence of resentment in the Lebanese-Syrian securitization, and a master’s degree in contemporary Arab and Muslim worlds from the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva. She studied political psychology at the University of Stanford and emotions in international relations at the University of Washington. Her research stands at the crossroads of security studies and political psychology and mainly focuses on the role of social emotions in conflict and post conflict. She is particularly interested in the influence of complex social emotions following traumatic events on security and foreign policy. She has conducted empirical research in Lebanon and Syria since 2006 and has been research project coordinator and lecturer at the Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action. She has taught research methods and research design and has experience in supervising academic dissertations.


  • PhD, University of Namur
  • MA, Universities of Lausanne and Geneva
Elisabeth Meur, PhD

SIT Study Abroad

Assistant Academic Advisor and Lecturer

SWITZERLAND: Global Health and Development Policy

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