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Dr. Deepa Srikantaiah is a senior education advisor with the Africa Bureau at USAID and an affiliate faculty member in the Doctorate in Global Education Program at the School for International Training. She is also an affiliate faculty in the International Education Policy Program at the University of Maryland, College Park and in the City Teaching Alliance program at American University. She has more than 15 years of experience working on education programs in the United States, West and East Africa, and South and East Asia. Her work focuses on pre-colonial knowledge systems or Indigenous Knowledges, South Asian and African diasporas, and mathematics and science education.

Dr. Srikantaiah started her career as a chemistry teacher and working with after-school STEM programs for minoritized students in the United States. This experience fueled her passion for teaching and education and led her to pursue graduate work in education. She has worked with the World Bank, the Global Partnership for Education, USAID contractors, nonprofit organizations, and universities, and was awarded a Fulbright to India (2015-16).

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Courses Taught

Research Methods 2: Qualitative Approaches

Select Publications

Evans, N., Srikantaiah, D., Pallangyo, A., Sugrue, M., and Sitabkhan, Y. (2019). Towards the design and implementation of comprehensive primary grade literacy and numeracy programs. A Working Paper by the Global Reading Network. Prepared by University Research Co., LLC. (URC) under the Reading within REACH initiative for USAID’s Building Evidence and Supporting Innovation to Improve Primary Grade Assistance for the Office of Education (E3/ED). Available at:

Srikantaiah, D., Eichhorn, M. & Khan, M. (2018). Determination of marginalized youth to overcome and achieve in mathematics: A case study from India. Global Education Review, 5 (3), 5-28.

Srikantaiah, D. and Ralaingita, W. (2014). Teacher Education and Professional Development in Global Mathematics. In Wiseman, A. and Anderson, E. (Eds.). Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2014. Emerald Group Publishing Limited: United Kingdom.

Prouty, R. Banik, K., and Srikantaiah, D. (2012). Effective Approaches to Making Inclusive Education a Part of Education for All. In Heymann, J. and Cassola, A. (Eds.), Lessons in Educational Equality: Successful Approaches to Intractable Problems Around the World. New York, New York: Oxford University Press.

McCuen, R. H., Akar, G. Gifford, I.A., and Srikantaiah, D. (2009). Recommendations for Improving Graduate Adviser-Advisee Communication. Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, 4 (135): 153-160.

Kober, N., Chudowsky, N., Chudowsky, V. Scott, C., Rentner, D. S., McMurrer, J., and Srikantaiah, D. (2009). An Early Look at the Economic Stimulus Package and the Public Schools: Perspectives from State Leaders. Center on Education Policy. Washington, D.C.

Srikantaiah, D. (2009). How State and Federal Accountability Policies Have Influenced Curriculum and Instruction in Three States: Common Findings from Rhode Island, Illinois, and Washington. Center on Education Policy. Washington, D.C.

Godbole-Chaudhuri, P., Srikantaiah, D., and van Fleet, J. (2008). Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights: Confronting Modern Norms to Promote Sustainability. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 2: 1-19.

Srikantaiah, D. (2008). Institutionalizing Traditional Medical Knowledge in Western Institutions. Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship. 2(3).

Srikantaiah, D. (2008).  Indigenous Knowledge Initiatives at the World Bank, the National Institutes of Health, and Pennsylvania State University.  Doctoral dissertation, University of Maryland, College Park. Drum:

Select Presentations

Srikantaiah, D. (2021). Inclusion in STEM Education Benefits All. Invited speaker: The Quincy STEM Career & College Exploration Program.  The Experiment in International Living, World Learning, Inc. October 2021 

Srikantaiah, D. (2021). Training Teachers on Early Grade Mathematics Online Learning Platforms. Talk delivered at the Virtual Comparative and International Education Society Conference. April 2021

Srikantaiah, D. (2020). Mathematical Models and Explanation and Justification. Talk delivered at the Virtual Comparative and International Education Society Conference. April 2020

Srikantaiah, D. (2019). Universal Design for Learning in Early Grade Mathematics. Talk delivered at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference in San Francisco. April 2019

Srikantaiah, D. (2017). Prasakti: Perseverance and Resilience in Adolescent Students in Arithmetic and Keys To Intervention in India.  Talk delivered at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  March 2017

Srikantaiah, D.(2016). Mathematics Assessments in Low Resource Countries. Talk delivered at the American Education Research Association, Washington, D.C., April 2016

Srikantaiah, D.(2016). Resilience to Learn Math.  Talk at the annual Fulbright Conference, Jaipur, India; February 2016

Srikantaiah, D.(2015). Preparing Americans with 21st Century Skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
(STEM) Education. 
Invited Speaker for DAV Colleges Principals Workshop.  DAV Colleges, Chennai, India. October 2015

Srikantaiah, D.(2015). Fostering foundational skills in mathematics at the early years and implications for STEM in school and beyond. Talk at the Indian Institute of Management Seminar Series, Indian Institute of Management,Bangalore, India; September 2015

Srikantaiah, D.(2015). Beyond counting: Understanding how strong foundational skills in early mathematics leads to number sense, strong critical thinking skills, and achievement in STEM. Invited speaker for Quest Learning Day.  Quest Alliance, Bangalore, India. September 2015

Research Interests

Precolonial and Indigenous Knowledges

South Asian and African Diasporas

Mathematics and Science Education


  • PhD, International Education Policy, University of Maryland, College Park
  • MA, International Education Policy, University of Maryland, College Park
  • BS, Microbiology, University of Maryland, College Park
Deepa Srikantaiah, PhD

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