SIT Graduate Institute Announces Accreditation for Landmark New Doctoral Degree in Global Education

Publication Date: October 2, 2020
Publication Location: BRATTLEBORO, VT
Contact: Kathryn Schoenberger  |

School for International Training has received accreditation for its milestone EdD in Global Education, SIT Graduate Institute’s first doctorate, as well as the first degree of its kind offered by a U.S.-based higher education institution. This new degree program deepens SIT’s dedication to advancing international education and positions the institution to play a vital role in shaping the field for years to come. 

“This is a historic moment for SIT and the next step for international education studies in the United States,” said Dr. Sophia Howlett, president of SIT. “At a time when thinking about internationalization seems so problematic, SIT leads the way once again. Our new doctorate is a statement of our belief in and commitment to the future of international education and will allow us and our students to be at the forefront of that future. We have a bold vision for SIT Graduate Institute and with the commitment, hard work, and passion of our faculty and staff, we are making it a reality.” 

The Vermont-based SIT Graduate Institute received its accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education, the regional accreditation agency responsible for colleges and universities in New England. The three-year, 60-credit doctorate is a part-time hybrid degree delivered online with brief, summer residencies on SIT’s campus in Brattleboro, Vermont.  

“I’m so pleased we are adding SIT’s first doctoral program to our portfolio of accredited degrees,” said Dr. Alla Korzh, chair of the EdD in Global Education. “This unique program provides an opportunity for professionals who are passionate about education in their local and global communities to advance their leadership in the field and conduct in-depth research that will help address education issues around the world.” 

The EdD program, draws from SIT’s unique brand of in-depth, reflective practice and intensive research training. It allows students to pursue their own specializations in education at any level, in any subfield, in any location. The program offers deeply immersive doctoral seminars; case studies; theory; data collection; research methods; written projects and reflective practice tied to students’ ongoing work experience. Throughout the program students will receive one-on-one guidance from SIT advisors who will work closely with doctoral students as they develop research topics of their choice and work toward their dissertation. 

SIT Graduate Institute is currently accepting applications for the first cohort of the EdD in Global Education through November 1, 2020. Prospective students interested in learning more about admission to new EdD program can visit SIT Graduate Institute’s website or contact the Admissions team by emailing or calling 800.336.1616 (inside the U.S) or +1.802.258.3150 (outside of the U.S.). 

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