Two workshops train faculty and staff on expanding the inclusiveness of their programs.

February 15th, 2017   |   SIT Study Abroad

Photo - Vietnam Diversity Workshop

Diversity and inclusion were the focus of two SIT Study Abroad workshops held in Vietnam and South Africa in January.

Coordinated by Dean for Asia and the Pacific Brian Hammer; Dean for Africa, South of the Sahara, Daniel Lumonya; Dean for the International Honors Program (IHP) David Shallenberger; and Dean of Students Michael Smallis, the workshops brought together faculty and staff to develop resources for creating inclusive and supportive learning environments. They addressed SIT students’ needs and expectations and strategies for working with those needs and expectations while staying true to the SIT Study Abroad / IHP experiential learning mission.

The workshops were hosted by Academic Director Thanh Van Duong and the staff of the Vietnam: Culture, Development, and Social Change program, and by Academic Director Imraan Buccus and the staff of the South Africa: Social and Political Transformation program.