Suman Pant: Policymaker

March 6th, 2020   |   SIT Study Abroad, Women's History Month

Development, Gender and Social Change in the Himalaya

During Women's History Month, SIT is spotlighting some of our extraordinary academic and program directors across the globe who are making history today through their thinking, their words, and their actions.

  • Read Suman's personal story about the battle she and her partner waged in the Nepal legal system for recognition of their marriage.
A woman with dark hair and a blue scarf faces the camera. An overlay reads "Women's History Month with SIT"

What is your academic discipline and why did you decide to pursue it?

I did my doctorate in public policy. One of the big reasons why I wanted to pursue this particular discipline was the realization that unless we have proper platforms for meaningful changes, development would remain reactionary and more of a Band-aid solution to the problems we face in society.

Why do you teach?

I enjoy teaching, I’m actually not sure why I enjoy it so much. Also, with time I have realized how little we know, and how much is out there. Teaching helps me realize different perspectives and biases (my own and others’) and learn more about the issues that I care about.

What advice would you offer young women?

I would advise them to not worry too much, learn from experiences and move on. Pursue what you deeply care about and it usually all works out.