SIT Experts on The COVID-19 Pandemic

July 27th, 2020   |   SIT Graduate Institute

Have you considered how the pandemic will affect peace and conflict around the world? Or, what will be the environmental impacts? And how will it change your own career path? In our new video series, SIT’s expert faculty talk about how the pandemic is affecting fields including international education, language learning, conflict transformation, and development, among others. Take a moment to hear from the chairs of some of SIT’s pathbreaking master’s degree programs.

Leslie Turpin, Chair, MA in TESOL

How does a pandemic change the field of language learning?

What role does language play in helping those that have been displaced due to a pandemic?

Sora Friedman, Chair, MA in International Education

How does a pandemic impact the field of international education?

How do leaders have to adjust and think creatively during a pandemic?

Bruce Dayton, Chair, Master's Degree in Peace and Justice Leadership

How does a pandemic add to a conflict?

Why are global political systems so important in the wake of a pandemic?

Alyson Dagang, Chair, MA in Sustainable Development

What have been the environmental impacts of COVID-19?