SIT expands 2019 portfolio with new programs in Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Latin America

August 16th, 2018   |   SIT, SIT Study Abroad

BRATTLEBORO, Vermont – School for International Training welcomes undergraduates back to class this fall with 84 fascinating study abroad opportunities for 2019 that span all seven continents.

On six new SIT Study Abroad programs in 2019, students can explore the last pristine region of the world in Antarctica; see the migration crisis firsthand along Mexico’s northern and southern borders; delve into Europe’s independence movements; learn about global trade and Islamic banking in Malaysia and China; witness peacebuilding in Colombia; and build skills through a guided summer internship in Vietnam.

SIT is delighted to announce the addition of these new programs to our extraordinary portfolio of immersive, experiential study abroad opportunities.

-- Dr. Sophia Howlett, SIT President

Applications are open now through November 15 for more than 50 spring 2019 semester-long programs ranging from public health in Argentina to coastal ecology in Zanzibar. Starting September 15, applications open for nearly two dozen SIT Study Abroad summer 2019 programs including internships in Jordan, Kenya, Panama, South Africa and Vietnam. Applications open December 15 for nearly 60 fall 2019 semester-long programs including new opportunities in Malaysia and Antarctica.

New programs for 2019

In 2019, SIT returns to Mexico, expands to Colombia, Malaysia and Spain, and adds to the choices in Vietnam and Argentina with the following new programs:
Argentina: People, Environment, and Climate Change in Patagonia and Antarctica launching fall 2019 – Witness the impacts of human activity and climate change on vulnerable ecosystems in Southern Patagonia and Antarctica. From the program base in Ushuaia, the southernmost city on earth, explore the last pristine region of the world on a 10-day expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Colombia: Building a Culture of Peace launching summer 2019 – Integrate peace studies with Colombia’s cultures through music, dance, and food from the program base in the vibrant, multicultural, Caribbean Coast city of Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Malaysia and China: International Relations and New Economies launching fall 2019 – Develop new perspectives on global economics and trade and examine the Malaysian model of Islamic banking and Malaysia’s expanding role in global finance. Understand technical financial instruments used in the management of money and financial systems, and witness Malaysia’s dynamic role in the expansion of halal management practices.

Mexico: Migration, Borders, and Transnational Communities launching spring 2019 – Start out in Tucson, Arizona, a major point of entry for undocumented migrants, to see how citizens are organizing immigrants’ rights groups even as the U.S. government is building up its border enforcement. From the program base in Oaxaca City, a community with a long history of migration to the United States, learn how migration patterns affect rural and urban communities and how increased border enforcement has resulted in death, disappearance, and family separation.

Spain: Policy, Law, and Regional Autonomy in Europe launching spring 2019 – From the captivating Basque city of Bilbao, with excursions to Barcelona and Scotland, examine tensions between nation states, the European Union, and national minorities through the lenses of art, cinema, literature, and sports.

Vietnam: Nongovernmental Organization Internship launching summer 2019 – Learn about development and the roles of nongovernmental organizations engaged in social change through this guided internship, which also includes lectures and site visits. Students can customize this program based on their areas of interest.

In addition to Vietnam, SIT has added internships on existing programs; in 2019, 42 programs will offer the option of career-building internships at NGOs and other partner organizations around the world.

With a broad international network of faculty and staff; deep connections at academic institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and community groups; and a longstanding commitment to experiential education and cultural understanding, SIT provides students an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in a country and culture.

Each SIT program addresses one or more of the following critical global issues: climate and environment; development, economy and inequality; global health; media, arts, and social change; migration, identity, and resilience; peace, human rights, and social movements.

In addition, the offerings in our International Honors Program portfolio take students to four continents for a comparative look at a specific subject such as food security, urban environments, or climate change.

SIT Study Abroad works with more than 200 colleges and universities around the United States to offer accredited, academically rigorous semester- and summer-long program in more than 60 countries. During the 2017-18 academic year, 2,212 students studied abroad on SIT programs and nearly 200 more participated in custom programs designed specifically for an institution.