Radio series aims to promote healing among women in Namibia

May 23rd, 2023   |   Africa, Fellowships

A poster reads "For Ama." It shows a woman in profile, her hands raised around her head. Her hair, in braids, falls behind her hands. Her hair is wrapped with a yellow cloth and she wears a white top.

Amara Evering, a 2021 Alice Rowan Swanson fellow, has produced a series of radio programs for women in Namibia. Evering, a radio journalist and 2020 Emory University graduate, studied abroad on SIT Cameroon in 2019.

For her fellowship project, Evering collaborated with with Sister Namibia, a women’s rights organization, to produce “For Ama” (“for truth”), a radio series that explores the topic of healing through seven women’s stories. The subjects range from sexuality to eating disorders to intergenerational trauma.

Evering said she chose radio as a medium because less than half of all women in Namibia, most of them in rural areas, have no internet access.

“Without access to information, women are left unaware of available resources. So, there has been a need to communicate information to women in Namibia on a larger scale, despite infrastructural limitations,” according to Evering.

Click here to listen to the interviews.