Dr. Diane Larsen-Freeman will be back on campus in Vermont this summer

February 28th, 2017   |   SIT Graduate Institute

Photo - Diane Larson

Internationally known language acquisition expert Dr. Diane Larsen-Freeman will be back on campus in Vermont this summer to teach the course Second Language Acquisition for SIT Graduate Institute’s MA TESOL Low-Residency Program.

“Diane has made enormous contributions to the field, changing the lenses through which we understand both second language acquisition and linguistics,” said Dr. Leslie Turpin, chair of the MA TESOL Low-Residency Program at SIT Graduate Institute.

Dr. Larsen-Freeman is professor emerita at SIT Graduate Institute, where she was on faculty from 1978-2002. She holds a PhD in linguistics from the University of Michigan, where she is also professor emerita, and currently she is a visiting senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. A teacher educator for more than 30 years, Dr. Larsen-Freeman has published numerous books and articles about second language acquisition research, English grammar, and language teaching methods.

“We are excited that students in the program will have an opportunity to work very closely with her again,” said Dr. Turpin. “Many of us who were her former students know how impactful her teaching has been in our own lives.”

In Second Language Acquisition, students explore language acquisition and learning processes for teaching and learning a second or foreign language. The course begins in July, online and in person, and continues online this fall.

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