Announcing the Winners of the 2018 SIT Photo Contest

June 8th, 2018   |   SIT

We are pleased to announce the winners of SIT’s 2018 Photo Contest. Each winner received a $75 Amazon gift card.

This year, we received nearly 2,000 submissions, each showcasing the amazing experiences, learning opportunities, and friendships our students find on their SIT programs. It was hard to pick only a handful of winners. We thank everyone who submitted.

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Now, check out the winners below!

SIT Study Abroad Winners
Category – Crowd Favorite
A woman wearing a blue scarf, gold necklace and white sweater. Various colorful fabrics in the background

Heather Nardone, University of Kentucky

South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy

“Zulu beauty”

Category – Action Shots
Rachel Roberts, Learning how to weave a traditional rug in Slovakia

Rachel Roberts, Washington University in St. Louis

Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change

“Learning how to weave a traditional rug in Slovakia”

Category – Challenging Perspectives
Julia Kowala, The College of Wooster

Julia Kowala, The College of Wooster

Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

“Gifting our homestay Families with a goat as a thank you for hosting us”

Category – Cityscapes
Mountain, city and stars in the sky

Madeline Weil, Providence College

IHP: Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care

Cape Town aglow

Category – Learning Moments
a picture in a picture of two people cooking

Skyler Kessler, Washington University in St. Louis

Chile: Public Health and Traditional Medicine

“Eleni Gorla records as residents of the Chilean city of Bel√©n prepare a traditional meal for students. The food is cooked underground on a bed of hot rocks.”

Category – The World Is Your Classroom
two students, one holding a magnifying glass and the other examining the anatomy of a flower

Isabella Krompegel-Anliker, Macalester College

Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation

“Learning flower anatomy in the Cloud Forest”

SIT Graduate Institute Winners
Category – Crowd Favorite
four people laying on top of each other

Bethany Grupp

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

“Sunday Piles of Love in Ghana”

Category – Community
A shot of a table with many bowls and hands scooping the food

Amy Leap Miller

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

“Couscous Fridays in Rabat, Morocco (Practicum with SIT Study Abroad, Fall 2017)”

Category – In the Field
A person wearing a backpack and hat sitting on a rock watching the sun rise

Alexander Hessinger

MA in Sustainable Development

“Wadi Rum”