Xavier Silva, PhD

Dr. Xavier Silva, who is Ecuadorian, received his PhD in entomology applied to ecology from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. There, he also earned his master’s degree and BS, focusing on ecology and biology, including population ecology, biogeography, and other environmental sciences applied to tropical ecosystems. He has worked extensively in the conservation of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in several countries in Africa and Asia. For several years, Dr. Silva was director of conservation science for The Nature Conservancy’s Latin America and the Caribbean program based in Washington, DC. He was also director of NatureServe’s Latin America and Caribbean program. He has also taught at the University of San Francisco Quito and has written several books, including Butterflies of Ecuador and Ecuador’s Butterfly Ecology, which was awarded Best Biological Publication of Ecuador in 2012. Dr. Silva has been president of the Entomological Society of Ecuador and a member of the Entomological Society of France and the Ornithological Society of Ecuador.


Courses Taught

Graduate Courses Taught
Natural Resources Management Course
Social & Environmental Methods
Semester Coordination

Undergraduate Courses Taught
Conservation and Sustainability Practices in Ecuador
Comparative Tropical Ecology
Environmental Research Methods and Ethics
Independent Study Project 

Select Publications

Silva Del Pozo X. (2012). Ecuador’s Butterfly Ecology. 216 pgs. (Spanish & English) University San Francisco, Press, Quito, Ecuador.

Silva Del Pozo X. (2012). Galapagos, Flora & Fauna Pocket Guide (3 editions). Pentagraphic Press., Quito, Ecuador

Silva Del Pozo X. (2006). Tourism & Ecotourism in Ecuador, Roads (2 editions). Mariscal Press. Quito, Ecuador

Silva Del Pozo X. (2000). Butterflies of Ecuador, 167 pages, (Spanish & English) University San Francisco de Quito, Press, Ecuador. Two editions.

Silva del Pozo X. & P. Blandin (1991), The use of soil arthropods as ecological indicators in a Western Ecuador cloud forest: seasonal populations and spatial distributions (in French), Rev. Ecol. Biol. Sol, 1991, 28 (4): 421-433

Silva del Pozo X. & P. Blandin (1991), Soil arthropods populations related to the regeneration of forests in Western Ecuador (in French). Rev. Ecol. Biol. Sol, 1991, 28 (4): 435-442

Select Presentations

Silva Del Pozo X. (2002 – 2021). Entomological Society of Ecuador Lecturer. Paris, France. Quito, Ecuador. Online Lectures Internationally

Silva Del Pozo X. (2000 – 2002). Smithsonian Institution Lecturer. Washington, DC

Silva Del Pozo X. (1999 – 2002). The Nature Conservancy Lecturer. Washington, DC

Silva Del Pozo X. (1999 – 2000). Entomological Society of France Lecturer. Paris, France

Research Interests

Biogeography and climate change using butterflies as biological/ecological indicators
Use of remote sensing for conservation and natural resources management
Ecological/biological interactions of insects


  • PhD, Entomology, Sorbonne
  • MS, Eecology and Bbiology, Sorbonne
  • BS, Ecology and Biology, Sorbonne
Xavier Silva, PhD

SIT Study Abroad

Academic Director

ECUADOR: Comparative Ecology and Conservation

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