Victor Tricot, PhD

Dr. Tricot is a political scientist and journalist with more than a decade of experience in international education, academic research, and university teaching. He has led study abroad programs in Chile, Peru, and Spain. This includes development of academic syllabi, excursions, and budgets, as well as managing staff teams. His main research interests and publications involve Latin American politics, social movements, and indigenous peoples’ political participation. Dr. Tricot is a regular contributor to various Latin American media organizations where he comments and writes on current affairs relating to Latin American politics.

Courses Taught

Graduate Courses Taught
Peace and Justice Field Seminar: Spain

Undergraduate Courses Taught
Comparative Regional Autonomy and Independence Movements in Europe
Policy, Law, and the Future of the Nation State in Europe
Research Methods and Ethics
Independent Study Project
Sustainable Urban Development in the Basque Country
Housing Rights and the Rights to the City

Select Publications and Activities

Tricot, V. (2021). Experiencias autonómicas en el movimiento mapuche: Revista d’estudis autonomics i federals, [en línia], 2021, Núm. 34, p. 59-84

Tricot, V. (2021). Please Mind the Gap: Autonomization and Street Politics. In The Social Outburst and Political Representation in Chile (pp. 75-89). Springer, Cham

Navarrete, B. & Tricot, V. (Eds.). (2021). The Social Outburst and Political Representation in Chile. Springer International Publishing

Navarrete, B. & Tricot, V. (2021). Introduction: Social Outbreak and Political Representation in Latin America. In The Social Outburst and Political Representation in Chile (pp. 1-10). Springer, Cham.

Tricot, V. & Bidegain, G. (2021). Escaños reservados para los mapuche en la Convención Constitucional: Una rendija institucional gracias a la revuelta. Anuario del Conflicto Social, (12)

Tricot, V. (2020). Algunas respuestas mapuches en el contexto de la epidemia. Revista Catalana de Dret Ambiental11(2)

Tricot, V. (2020). ¿Octubre como coyuntura transformadora?” Revista Historia en Movimiento. De la Revuelta Popular a la Rebelión. Ensayos de interpretación. 5(5)

Tricot, V., & Bidegain, G. (2020). Un año más de desencuentros: participación y política institucional mapuche en 2019. Anuario del Conflicto Social, (11)

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Tricot, V. (2020). Algunas reflexiones preliminares sobre el colapso del vergel chileno. IBEROAMERICANA, Foro de Debate, Vol. 19, Núm. 73

Tricot, V. (2020). Colonialism and Ethics of Undergraduate Research Abroad. In K. Patch, and L. Berends (Eds.), Undergraduate Research Abroad. Approaches, Models, and Challenges, NAFSA Publishing, 2020 

Tricot, T., & Bidegain, G. (2020). Participación y política institucional mapuche durante 2018. Anuario del Conflicto Social. 10.1344/ACS2019.9.6

Albala, A., & Tricot, V. (2020). Social Movements and Political Representation in Chile (1990–2013). Latin American Perspectives47(4), 131–149

Select Presentations

Tricot, V. (2021, November). Creación y Activismo. Simposio javeriano sobre la ética en la creación, Asistencia para la Creación Artística de la Vicerrectoría de Investigación de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Tricot, V. (2021, July). El movimiento mapuche en el Chile actual [Seminar]. Universidad Abierta de Recoleta

Tricot, V. & Bidegain, G. (2021, June) Escaños Reservados para los mapuche en la Convención Constitucional: Una rendija institucional gracias a la Revuelta [Television interview]. Universidad Alberto Hurtado TV

Tricot, V. (2021, May). El paro sigue sonando: Música y protesta social en Colombia y Chile (2019 – 2021). [Seminar]. Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Tricot Salomón. V. (2021, May) Endogenous Models of Democracy: The Experience of Indigenous Peoples in Peru and Chile [Seminar]. Critical Conversations, SIT Study Abroad

Tricot Salomón. V. (2021, April). Orígenes y evolución del sistema político chileno [Seminar]. Basque Country University

Tricot Salomón. V. (2021, May). Conferencia sobre las elecciones constituyentes en Chile 2021, [Seminar]. Basque Country University

Tricot Salomón. V. (2021, October). Chile, miradas desde la Resistencia [Seminar]. Universidad Javeriana Colombia

Tricot Salomón. V. (2021, February). Resisting from the Streets: Creativity and Innovation on Social Protests in Chile. [Panel presentation], Global Conversations, Skidmore Collage

Research Interests

Social movements
Indigenous movements
Indigenous political participation
Contentious politics in Latin America


  • PhD, Contemporary Political Processes, University of Salamanca, Spain
  • MA, Latin American Studies, University of Salamanca, Spain
  • BA, Journalism and Social Communication, University of Playa Ancha, Chile
Victor Tricot, PhD

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