Valeria Lliubaroff

Valeria received her bachelor degree in anthropology from the University of Buenos Aires in 2014. Before joining SIT, Valeria worked as a guide in the ethnographic museum Juan Bautista Ambrosetti in Buenos Aires. As a member of the National Women Council, she participated in the technical evaluation of community projects to empower women and organized workshops in different provinces. In 2005, she had her own homestay experience in Troyes and Avignon, France. As a national recreational technician, she has worked as an educational coordinator with young people in social clubs and schools since 2006 and teaches at a technical school preparing students to carry out their own projects. Valeria joined a community theater in 2011 and participated in art projects and recreational activities there until 2017.

Valeria Lliubaroff

SIT Study Abroad

Academic Assistant

ARGENTINA: Public Health in Urban Environments

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