Utei Charaleghy Pamphila (Ella)

Utei Charaleghy Pamphila (Ella) joined SIT Indonesia program in fall 2014 until the end of spring 2016, before re-joining in spring 2020. Ella holds a bachelor’s degree (Hons) in English language and literature (2009) and a master’s degree in linguistics, specialized in translation studies (2011), both from Udayana University. She has five-years of experience in teaching English for Indonesian students. She developed her competence in intercultural communication when she worked as a translator & interpreter, as well as social secretary in the Indian Consulate General for two years. While living in Melbourne between 2016-2019, she worked as an Indonesian language tutor for Australian learners. Her experience in teaching languages for foreign learners in and outside Indonesia contributed to her understanding of the language learning process faced by foreign students.

Utei Charaleghy Pamphila (Ella)

SIT Study Abroad

Language Instructor

Indonesia: Bahasa Indonesia (All Levels)

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