Thupten Tsering

Gen (“Teacher”) Thupten Tsering is from Shigatse, Tibet. Since 2010, Gen Thupten la has been teaching Tibetan at SIT as well as occasionally working as homestay coordinator and co-researcher to students. He came to Kathmandu as a young child and moved on to Dharamshala to graduate high school from Tibetan Children’s Village School. He earned his BA from the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, now also known as the Central University of Tibetan Studies, majoring in Tibetan language. In Kathmandu, he has taught Tibetan at Himalayan International Model Secondary School for 10 years. He also conducts online colloquial Tibetan classes with students worldwide. He loves travelling and learning about different cultures. A former amateur chess competitor, in his free time he enjoys challenging fellow colleagues. Gen Thupten la lives in Boudha with his wife and three children.

Thupten Tsering

SIT Study Abroad

Language Instructor

NEPAL: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

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