Tamar Groves, PhD

Dr. Tamar Groves is associate professor at the Department of Educational Sciences and vice dean of International Relations on the Faculty of Teacher Training at the University of Extremadura.

She has published books and book chapters in prestigious publishers such as Palgrave and Routledge and in high-profile journals such as Research Papers in Education, Compare, European Journal of Higher Education, History of Education, and Paedegogica Historica. She has been a visiting researcher/professor at PRIO, Oslo, the London School of Economics, the University of Aveiro, the University of Maastricht, the University of Catania, and the University of Lisbon.

Dr. Groves’ lines of research include international and comparative education, the history of education in Spain, education and citizenship in Europe, educational innovation, and social movements and education.

Courses Taught

Educational Practice and Policy in Spain

Select Publications

Groves, T., & Stapnes, T. (2023). Prefiguring a democratic state: student activism and the National Education Law in Myanmar. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 1-18.

Selvik, K., & Groves, T. (2023). ‘The generation that will inherit Syria’: education as citizen aid and political opportunity. Third World Quarterly44(5), 930-945.

Groves, T. R., Muñoz, J. C., & Huerta, J. L. H. (2023). Resistance through Teachers’ Professional Development: Revisiting the Spanish Freinet Movement. Bulletin of Hispanic studies  100(1), 79-95.

Groves, T., & Robinson, W. (2022). Distilling the comparative essence of teachers’ centres in England and Spain 1960-1990: past perspectives and current potential for teacher professional development?. Research Papers in Education, 1-20.

González-Delgado, M., & Groves, T (2021). UNESCO and the Ley General de Educación: the influence of International Organizations arround educational modernization on the Francoism. Historia y Memoria de la Educación, (14), 209-252.

González-Delgado, M., & Groves, T. (2019). UNESCO mediation in Francoist curriculum policy: The case of educational television in Spain 1. In Transnational Perspectives on Curriculum History (pp. 83-107). Routledge.

Groves, T., López, E. M., & Carvalho, T. (2018). The impact of international mobility as experienced by Spanish academics. European Journal of Higher Education8(1), 83-98.

Groves, T., Townson, N., Ofer, I., Herrera, A., (2017). Professional Citizenship in the Workplace: Teachers’ Civic Initiatives. Social Movements and the Spanish Transition: Building Citizenship in Parishes, Neighbourhoods, Schools and the Countryside, 73-95. Palgrave.

Groves, T. (2014). Teachers and the Struggle for Democracy in Spain, 1970-1985. Springer.

Groves, T. (2011). Looking up to Paulo Freire: education and political culture during the Spanish transition to democracy. Paedagogica Historica47(5), 701-717.

Select Presentations

Tamar Groves and Jorge Cáceres, Revisiting education during the Spanish Civil War and the early Franco Regime in Untold Stories of the Spanish Civil War III. Free University of Berlin, Germany Israel 20/02/2023.

Tamar Groves and Jorge Cáceres. Progressive Education on the Eve of the Spanish Civil War en Untold Stories of the Spanish Civil War II. University of Tel Aviv, Israel 12/09/2022.

Tamar Groves. (with others), Contested views on Citizen Education in ECER 2022, Yerevan, 1-10 Septiembre (online) 2022.

Tamar Groves. Community of believers or a human community? the struggle over civic education in the Spanish context in ECER Ginebra online, 03/09/2021 – 10/09/2021.

Tamar Groves; Trude Stapnes. Social movements and formal education: Students and educational reform in Myanmar in ISCHE 42 Orebro, Sweden online, 30/06/2021

Tamar Groves; Trude Stapnes. Socially based educational struggles and their impact from a global perspective: The case of student activism in Myanmar in Transfer, Transnationalization and Transformation of Education Policies (1945-2018). Universidad de La Laguna Islas Canarias, España, 03/06/2021

Tamar Groves. Education as a space for resistance and societal transformation. A comparative perspective: Spain and Myanmar in Spaces and Places of Education ISCHE 41, Oporto, Portugal, 17/07/2019 – 20/07/2019.

Tamar Groves and Irina Rasquin. Mujer e identidad personal universitaria: retos y desafíos in La universidad de las mujeres. ocho siglos de luces y de sombras. AUDEM Salamanca, España, 04/10/2018 -06/10/2018. 

Tamar Groves. The spirit of the 1960s and professional advocacy: the case of Spanish teachers in “Globalizing the Student Rebellion in the Long ’68. Plenary session Universitat de València Valencia, España, 03/10/2018 – 05/10/2018.

Mariano González Delgado; Tamar Groves. The UNESCO and National Education Reforms: The Spanish Case in ECER, Copehagen, Dinamarca, 21/08/2017 -25/08/2017.

Research Interests

International organizations and national education policies
Citizenship education in Europe from a comparative and historical perspective


  • PhD, History of Education, Tel Aviv University and UNED, Madrid
  • MA, History, Cum Laude, Tel Aviv University
  • BA, History and Psychology, Cum Laude, Tel Aviv University
Tamar Groves, PhD

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