Sanjib Kumar Pokhrel

Sanjib is from the Eastern Terai of Nepal. He studied law and has undergraduate degrees in Nepali and political science. He speaks six languages and has taught Nepali since 1996, working with the US Peace Corps, with study abroad programs, and as a private tutor. He is also a certified Peace Corps Nepali Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) tester. As program librarian, Sanjib organizes the research library and makes sure students can find what they need and access SIT’s online collections. As homestay coordinator, he carefully selects families that will add to each student’s experience. He also coordinates homestay families’ training so that homes become more than just a place to stay during the course.

Sanjib Kumar Pokhrel

SIT Study Abroad

Senior Language Instructor, Homestay Coordinator, and Librarian

NEPAL: Development, Gender, and Social Change in the Himalaya

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