Ranjan Kumar Dahal, PhD

Ranjan is an engineering geologist specializing in geohazard reduction. He received his PhD in geotechnical engineering from Kagawa University, Japan in 2009, when he also received the best engineering research award. He has researched landslides, debris flows, earthquake hazards, engineering geology, geomorphology, landslide simulation, disaster management, disaster education, foundation analysis, and engineering geology of roads and dams. He is passionate about innovation to increase sustainable development. He authored the most comprehensive report on the Seti River debris flow disaster of 2012 and Geology for Technical Students. Ranjan teaches at Tribhuvan University’s Central Campus. In 2012-13, he was a visiting scholar at Kagawa University in Japan.


  • PhD, Kagawa University
Ranjan Kumar Dahal, PhD

SIT Study Abroad


NEPAL: Geoscience in the Himalaya

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