Pavitra Paudyal, MA

From Kathmandu, Pavitra Paudyal completed her master’s degree in Nepali linguistics (Tribhuvan University) and received Methodology training in teaching as a second language (Pitzer College Program, Nepal). Nepali language instructor with our program since 2013, Pavitra also has extensive experience teaching for SOAS, Sojourn Nepal, Trinity College in Nepal, and the SIT International Honors Program, and has been research assistant to many PhD students. With Andrew Krakower, she co-authored the textbook Ramaillo Nepali (privately published). She received training on class design and assisted ESL teachers at different levels in California. She designed the “Boost Class” method for interactive language learning, and trained SIT teachers from across Asia in her method, which is used in Tibetan and Nepali classes at the nearby Rangjung Yeshe Institute. She enjoys drama, Sufi music and traveling, and is the proud mom of two boys.


  • MA, Tribhuvan University
Pavitra Paudyal, MA

SIT Study Abroad

Language Instructor

Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

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