Omar Núñez Méndez, PhD Candidate

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Omar received a BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Oaxaca State University and an MA in applied linguistics, through a Fulbright Scholarship, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is now a PhD candidate in the Languages, Cultures, and Literacies program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. In 2007, Omar founded Ollin Tlahtoalli: Centro de Lenguas y Cultura Mexicana, a language and culture organization based in Oaxaca. At this organization, he has planned and implemented international education programs on indigenous histories, globalization, US-Mexico relationships, migration, and more with universities in the United States and Canada. He has also taught free arts-based education workshops for children and youth in indigenous communities in Oaxaca. He has done ethnographic research, collecting oral stories of elders in indigenous communities and of Mexican-American children and parents who are forced to return to Mexico after years of living in the US. He has taught at Oaxaca State University and provided intercultural awareness workshops for teachers in the US and, most recently, to immigration attorneys providing legal assistance to undocumented women and children from Mexico and Central America. His research interests include transnational migration, identity theory, decolonizing methodologies, and critical literacies. He was the principal organizer of the first International Assembly for Community Development Across Borders in August 2017, which brought participants together to discuss social, political, and educational practices that have negatively affected marginalized communities and their environments.


  • MA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • BA, Oaxaca State University
Omar Núñez Méndez, PhD Candidate

SIT Study Abroad

Academic Director

MEXICO: Migration, Borders, and Transnational Communities

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