Nicole Van Heerden

Nicole has worked closely with SIT since 2011, coordinating multiple IHP global comparative programs including Health and Community, and Cities in the 21st Century. Nicole recognizes the pedagogy of IHP as closely aligned to her own passionate commitment to the exploration of her country through narratives that too often go unheard, bringing to life an ethos of community in her work, which she brings to her field programs. She is part of the collaborative leadership team for SEED, an award-winning nonprofit in Cape Town that teaches resilience through permaculture practices, engaging the green economy, and developing skills for social enterprise. Nicole holds a diploma in culinary arts and accreditation as a South African cultural heritage tour operator. She has traveled extensively throughout South Africa as well as neighboring African countries and brings a wealth of experience and insight into both the historical and contemporary nuances that shape life in South Africa today.

Nicole Van Heerden

SIT Study Abroad

Country Coordinator, South Africa

IHP Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care

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