Meyrav Mor, PhD

Meyrav Mor, PhD has been teaching with SIT Graduate Institute in Nepal since 2022. Between 1996 and 2015, Meyrav set up the first two Waldorf schools in Nepal, at two kindergartens at the University of East London, and at a government school in rural Sussex. She has extensive international teaching experience, having taught kindergarten in Nepal, the United States, and the United Kingdom, primary classes 1-8 in Nepal and the United Kingdom, and children with special needs in Nepal and the United Kingdom.

For the past three decades, Meyrav has been training kindergarten and primary school teachers in China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Nepal, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. She has been developing curricula that cater to the heritage of communities around the world by interweaving transformative and experiential learning with culture and spirituality. Her work brings together the Waldorf methodology, progressive education approaches, and the traditions of specific communities to help them transition to the 21st century without losing their spiritual heritage and valuable traditional knowledge. For example, Meyrav designed a Buddhist curriculum for kindergarten through class 8 for children from the high Himalayas, the Tibetan community in exile, and other Buddhist communities.

Meyrav developed the Abiding Heart Education approach for kindergarten through class 12. This education approach, which includes curriculum design and content and teacher education courses, can be used by Buddhist and non-Buddhist communities around the world. Meyrav is the director of Abiding Heart Education, which has bases in the United States, Scotland, and Nepal where this new educational approach and curriculum is offered to regional and international students. At Abiding Heart, she lectures on the kindergarten and primary teacher education courses, human development, learning theories and methodologies, curriculum studies, contemplative parenting, and personal development study retreats.

Courses Taught

Design, Delivery and Evaluation of IE Programs

Select Publications

Gough, S., and Mor M. (2016). Ongoing and Future Directions of Research on Higher Education for Sustainable Development. In Handbook for Higher Education for Sustain able Development. Routledge.

Mor, M. (2003). Preserving the past, Reserving the future: A culturally sensitive early childhood curriculum for Tibetan children in exile.

Mor, M. (2002). Fire in the Heart: A teacher training manual for the Himalayan region.

Current Research Interests

Teacher training
Waldorf pedagogy


  • PhD, Transformative Education, Bath University
  • MEd, Education, Antioch New England Graduate School
  • PGD, Early Elementary Education, University of Brighton
Meyrav Mor, PhD

SIT Graduate Institute

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MA in International Education

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