Melissa Whatley, PhD

Prior to joining SIT, Dr. Whatley worked as a postdoctoral research scholar in the Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research at North Carolina State University, where her research applied advanced quantitative analytic approaches to improve the understanding of policies and practices that diversify both who is able to access international education and the outcomes of these opportunities, especially within the context of international education at US community colleges. Through her teaching, Dr. Whatley aims to present quantitative research methods in a way that is accessible to diverse students with the goal of promoting inclusion in this area of education. Dr. Whatley is the author of An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for International Educators, to be published by Springer this year, and is an active researcher, writer, presenter, and contributor to various professional associations.

She earned her PhD in higher education from the University of Georgia’s Institute of Higher Education, an MA in romance languages (with focus on Spanish and French linguistics), and BAs in romance languages (with focus on French and Italian), Spanish, and linguistics, all from the University of Georgia. She has worked in Spain and France, and studied abroad in Argentina, France, Ireland, Morocco, and Spain.


  • PhD, University of Georgia, Institute of Higher Education
  • MA, University of Georgia
  • BA, University of Georgia
Melissa Whatley, PhD

SIT Graduate Institute

Assistant Professor of International and Global Education

Doctorate in Global Education (EdD)

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