Marti Anderson, PhD

Marti Anderson has taught, trained, and supported teachers in both formal and nonformal contexts for 25 years. She has worked with teachers of English and French as well as those who teach non-language subjects and trainers who work in the trades and other technical environments. Marti has worked with teachers in dozens of countries on six continents; these teachers have taught in a range of contexts from the preschool to the post-graduate level, in rural and urban schools, in schools with rich resources and those largely resource-poor and in situations where the teachers are teaching in their mother tongue or using a foreign language. Marti sees the opportunities she has had to be with teachers in their classrooms as the most exciting, rewarding, and humbling aspect of her professional work.  She loves the face-to-face teaching that is often involved. She has developed and taught online courses for teachers and for training professionals and has trained teachers via television and via web-based technologies. Marti is interested in fostering human potential through humanistic pedagogies, reflective practice, and cross-cultural understanding in educational environments. She is especially drawn to exploring and understanding the transformative features of teaching and learning. She holds degrees from the University of Hawaii, University of Minnesota, the School for International Training, and the California Institute of Integral Studies where she earned her PhD. Her studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies allowed her to integrate her interests in philosophy, world religions, systems thinking, chaos theory, organizational development theories, and subtle energies. Other interests in Marti’s life include experiencing the nuances of other cultures, adding to her international textile collection, cooking, yoga, and her family including her small granddaughter, Ava Marie.


  • PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies
  • MAT, School for International Training
  • BA, University of Minnesota
  • AA, University of Hawai'i
Marti Anderson, PhD

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