Majd Abu Salem, PhD

Majd received her MS in dryland ecology from New Mexico State University and her PhD in agricultural engineering from the University of Jordan. Majd has been a full-time teaching assistant since 2015, teaching courses including Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Quality, and Soil Quality. Her publications include “Fire enhances litter decomposition and reduces vegetation cover influences on decomposition in a dry woodland” (with Throop and Whitford) in Plant Ecology and “Transport vectors as drivers of dryland decomposition” (with Arche, Throop, Okin, Monger, Lee, and Smith) in LTER V Site Review. In addition, Majd worked as a research assistant from 2008 to 2011 at New Mexico State University and has participated in conferences and completed many training courses in agriculture and water in arid lands.


  • PhD, University of Jordan
  • MS, New Mexico State University
Majd Abu Salem, PhD

SIT Study Abroad

Country Coordinator, Jordan

IHP Human Rights: Movements, Power, and Resistance

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