Mabel Cobos, MA

Mabel is a Chilean Ecuadorian English and Japanese translator, born in Quito, Ecuador, but based in Santiago, Chile. She holds a Bachelor in Linguistics Applied to Translation and a Master in International Studies from the University of Santiago of Chile. She is trained in memory, education and human rights and for the past 10 years has worked in the fields of translation, interpreting, research and university teaching. Mabel is the Coordinator of the Education and Human Rights area at the Observatorio Ciudadano, a leading human rights NGO in Chile, where she also serves as consultant in migration and interculturality matters, thanks to her active involvement as a member in the Migrant Action Movement (Movimiento Acción Migrante – MAM), an organization that promotes and advocates migrants rights in Chile.

Mabel Cobos, MA

SIT Study Abroad

Country Coordinator, Chile

IHP Human Rights: Movements, Power, and Resistance

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