Lída Holá, PhD

Lída is a specialist and innovator in the field of Czech language study whose series of textbooks, Czech Step by Step I and II and Czech Express, is used as an essential resource for Czech language learning in Europe as well as in American university courses. Lída holds a doctoral degree in English and Russian languages and early in her career was twice awarded in the Young Translators Competition of Jirí Levý. She has been a member of the Association of Teachers of Czech as a Foreign Language (AUCCJ) since 2002 and served as a vice president of the executive committee from 2005 to 2009. Lída has published numerous articles on teaching Czech as a foreign language, given papers at conferences on her topic in Europe and the United States, and translated books such as Hidden History by Otokar Bezina and the English sections of The Correspondence of Karel Capek.

Lída Holá, PhD

SIT Study Abroad

Czech Language Instructor

CZECH REPUBLIC: Arts and Social Change

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