Joana Dionísio, MS

Joana Dionísio holds a masters degree in environmental engineering from NOVA University of Lisbon School of Science and Technology (FCT-NOVA). Previous experiences include involvement with a European research project related to circular economy and sustainable waste management, including time spent in Rome conducting research. She worked for two years advising students with the development of their master theses, either by helping them coordinate their work or supporting them in the laboratory. Born in Lisbon, Joana enjoys outdoor activities and traveling throughout Portugal to some of her favorite places, including Serra da Estrela, Serra de Sintra, and Monsanto, o pulmão verde, “the green lung” of Lisbon. Traveling and listening to music are some of her greatest passions and she is always eager to discover a new song and to meet new cultures.  Joana joined SIT Study Abroad as program assistant in Portugal in 2021.

Joana Dionísio, MS

SIT Study Abroad

Program Coordinator

PORTUGAL: Sustainability and Environmental Justice

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