Jill Welter, PhD

Jill Welter received her PhD in aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry from Arizona State University. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently a faculty member at St. Catherine University. Her research aims to understand how human activities that cause environmental change, including climate warming and nutrient pollution, influence freshwater food webs and nutrient cycling. This work includes the increasingly important role that nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria may play in aquatic ecosystems as a result of rising temperatures and the potential consequences for the cycling of carbon and nitrogen between land, air, and water. She has recently worked in Greenland; Svalbard, Norway; Kamchatka, Russia; and Iceland, where she collaborates with an international team of scientists and works to promote women in STEM and arctic ecology.

Courses Taught

Human-Climate Interface I: Energy and Climate Policy in Iceland


  • PhD, Arizona State University
  • BS, University of Oregon
Jill Welter, PhD

SIT Graduate Institute

Coordinator and Affiliated Faculty, Iceland

MA in Climate Change and Global Sustainability

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