Jeffrey Wall, PhD

Jeffrey specializes in advancing ethnoecological methods and theories which bring the environmental values of distinct cultures and traditions into meaningful conversation with each other. He has focused on threatened culturally significant landscapes in numerous countries in the Near East, Central Asia, and North America.

Courses taught for SIT

International Environmental Policy and the Challenge of Climate Diplomacy

Select Publications

Wall, J., Ed. (2022). The Cultural Value of Trees: Folk Value and Biocultural Conservation. Routledge.

Lukawiecki, J., Wall, J., Young, R., Gonet, J., Azhdari, G., & Moola, F. (2022). Operationalizing the biocultural perspective in conservation practice: a systematic review of the literature. Environmental Science and Policy.

Kazanci, C., Oruc, S., Mosulishvili, M., & Wall, J. (2021). Cultural keystone species without boundaries: a case study on wild woody plants of transhumant people around the Georgia- Turkey border. Journal of Ethnobiology.

Okan, T., Köse, C., Köse, N., Aksoy, E., & Wall, J. (2021). How managing for chestnut honey in Turkey salvages trees and lifeways under increasing exotic pest and disease pressure. Human Ecology.

Wall, J., Teixidor-Toneu, I., & Dafni, A. (2020). Sweetness and loss: an urgent call for affiliative modes of living. Journal of Ethnobiology.

Wall, J., Okan, T., Köse, C., Köse, N., & Aksoy, E. (2019). Folk biological value and chestnut conservation in Turkey. Economic Botany.

Select Presentations

Wall, J. (2022). Getting beyond diversity: evaluating compatibility between biodiversity and indigenous environmental priorities in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia). Presented at 61st Annual Meeting for Society of Economic Botany. Kingston, Jamaica.

Wall, J. (2020). Global weirding makes in-place migration: insights from the ethnobotany of diaspora. Presented at Plants, People, and Climate Change Symposium. Clark University.

Wall, J. (2018). What women know that men do not about chestnut trees in Turkey: a method of hearing muted knowledge. Presented at the International Programs Seminar. Cornell University.

Wall, J. (2018). Human niche construction and cultural resilience as mutual: evidence from landscapes enduring chestnut pest and disease outbreak across Turkey. Presented at School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Seminar. Rutgers University.

Wall, J. (2017). The case for folk valuation of plant genetic resources. Presented at the 58th Annual Meeting for the Society of Economic Botany. Bragança, Portugal.


  • PhD, Natural Resources and the Environment, 2018, Cornell University
  • MS, Natural Resources and the Environment, 2014, Cornell University
  • MPS, International Agriculture and Rural Development, 2012, Cornell University
  • BS, Anthropology, 2004, College of Charleston
Jeffrey Wall, PhD

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MA in Climate Change and Global Sustainability

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