Galumalemana Alfred Hunkin, MA

Galumalemana is from Apia, the capital of Samoa. His teaching career began in Samoa and continued in New Zealand where he taught in schools and at Victoria University in Wellington. He also taught English as a second language in both Samoa and New Zealand. Galu started Samoan language classes in 1976 at the Auckland Pacific Islanders Educational Resources Centre. Four years later, he moved to Wellington to direct operations for a multicultural educational resources center, where he taught Samoan to police officers, other public servants, and many others. In 1989, he moved to Victoria University, where he directed and taught BA-level Samoan language courses for 24 years.

Galumalemana holds a BA in history and anthropology, a BA with honors in anthropology and applied linguistics, and an MA in applied linguistics. He received two Queen’s honors awards from the New Zealand government for his contributions and service to the education of Pacific peoples and the Samoan language in New Zealand. He has also worked closely with US Peace Corps volunteers and enjoyed their commitment and contribution to Samoa early in his career.

Galumalemana Alfred Hunkin, MA

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Samoa: Social and Environmental Change in Oceania

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