Et-Tibari Bouasla, PhD

Et-Tibari holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Anglia’s School of Development Studies and a doctorate in anthropology from Paris-Sorbonne University. He has taught sociology and anthropology at University Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco, and abroad and was a member of the scientific committee of the International Review of Sociology (1991-2004). He has undertaken extensive field research in migration and local development, identity, and integration of Moroccan immigrants in Europe, rural development, and socioeconomic integration of young population. He has worked as an expert on rural exodus and international migration for public institutions. He also served as an evaluator for international institutions.

Courses Taught

Moroccan and Sub-Saharan Migration to the EU
Regional Migration Policies
Research methods

Select Publications

Bouasla, Et-Tibari (1990). The Tunisia Brotherhood in Doukkala Region, Social and Economic History, HespérisTamuda, 28, 107-127

Bouasla, Et-Tibari (1992) Structural Adjustment Policies and Rural Development in Africa. Rabat: l’Institut des Etudes Africaines Publisher

Bouasla Et-Tibari (2002) Youth and Family Enterprise in Morocco, Rabat: Faculty of Human Sciences Publisher

Bouasla Et-Tibari (2012). Generations of Moroccan Migrants in Europe, Social Integration and Cultural Identity, Rabat: Council for Moroccan Community living abroad (CCME)

Et-Tibari Bouasla (2015). Citizenship and Social Groups in Morocco, in Citoyenneté, Corrélation des droits et des devoirs. 109-123. Rabat : Axis Design Publisher

Research Interests

Formal mechanism of migrant integration in Morocco with emphasis on public and civil society programs in favor of sub-Saharan migrants
Migration and local development with a focus on changing patterns of remittance sending in Morocco
Climate change and human mobility


  • Doctorate, Anthropology, Université René Descartes, Sorbonne, Paris, France
  • PhD, Development Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom
  • BA, Sociology, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco
Et-Tibari Bouasla, PhD

SIT Study Abroad

Academic Director

MOROCCO: Migration and Transnational Identity

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MA in Humanitarian Assistance and Crisis Management

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