Dema Al Oun, MA

Dema received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law from Jordan University. She has completed her required legal training and is expecting to take the Jordanian Bar exam shortly. She is qualified in many aspects of both civil and criminal law within Jordan and has completed over 35 training courses in legal issues. These courses dealt with civil and criminal law, and several pertained specifically to the rights of the child or the rights of women. Additionally, she is trained in international treaties and agreements pertaining to related human rights issues. Since 2004, she has volunteered at the National Center for Human Rights in Jordan. She is also a member of Talal Abu-Ghazala, a famous law firm in Jordan that trains in civil and criminal law. Her past experience includes two and a half years in a law firm as a legal trainer. She has been a homestay coordinator for SIT since 2008 and was an advisor for SIT students studying topics related to women, culture, and youth.


  • MA, Jordan University
  • BA, Jordan University
Dema Al Oun, MA

SIT Study Abroad

Country Coordinator, Jordan

IHP Human Rights: Movements, Power, and Resistance

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