Ashraf Alqudah, PhD

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Dr. Alqudah holds a PhD in clinical and medical psychology from the College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida, and an MA in psychology from the University of Jordan. He specializes in clinical medical psychology and the psychology of chronic pain. His area of research interest includes psychopathology, psychological treatments and psychotherapies, and psycho-social support for refugees and displaced persons. He is also affiliated with the department of psychology at the University of Jordan in Amman and has worked on projects conducted by a number of health organizations that included Doctors of the World Organization, the War Trauma Foundation, and the Antares Foundation. He is a member of the Jordanian Mental Health Licensing Committee. Since 2008, he has been involved with the SIT Modernization and Social Change program in Jordan as lecturer, ISP advisor, and then as coordinator of the Research Methods and Ethics course. Dr. Alqudah has co-authored a number of articles that have appeared in the Journal of Cybertherapy and Rehabilitation, the Journal of Pain Research, and the International Journal of Psychological Studies.

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Research Methods and Ethics
The Psychology of Peace
Globalization and Health
Public Health: From Biology to Policy

Select Publications

AT Hirsh, AF Alqudah, LA Stutts, ME Robinson. (2008). Virtual human technology: capturing sex, race, and age influences in individual pain decision policies. Pain 140 (1), 231-238

Laura D Wandner, Lauren A Stutts, Ashraf F Alqudah, Jason G Craggs, Cindy D Scipio, Adam T Hirsh, Michael E Robinson. (2010) Virtual human technology: patient demographics and healthcare training factors in pain observation and treatment recommendations. Journal of pain research 3, 241

AF Alqudah, AT Hirsh, LA Stutts, CD Scipio, ME Robinson. (2010) Sex and Race Differences in Rating others’ Pain, Pain-Related Negative Mood, Pain Coping, and Recommending Medical Help. Journal of cyber therapy and rehabilitation 3 (1), 63

CA Torres, EJ Bartley, LD Wandner, AF Alqudah, AT Hirsh, ME Robinson. (2013) The influence of sex, race, and age on pain assessment and treatment decisions using virtual human technology: a cross-national comparison. Journal of Pain Research 6, 577

AF Alqudah. (2013) Resiliency levels among Iraqi refugees in Jordan and its relation to some demographic variables. International Journal of Psychological Studies 5 (4), 50

C Torres, L Wandner, A Alqudah, A Hirsh, B Lok, M Robinson. (2013) Pain assessment and treatment decisions among students in the United States and Jordan. The Journal of Pain 14 (4), S8

M Juweid, K Farah, Z Hawamdeh, A Alqudah, L Nowlin, J Vlaeyen, Z Trost. (2015) Fear of Movement/[Re] Injury Among Arabic Low Back Pain Patients: Establishing the Validity of the Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia–Arabic Version. Myopain 23 (3-4), 134-142

ALS Abdulrahman, K Farah, ZM Hawamdeh, A Alqudah, ME Juweid. (2020) Psychometric testing of a short form, 11-item Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia–Arabic version: TSK-AV-11. Medicine 99 (24)

Select Presentations

Evans, A. C., Jr., Garbarino, J., Bocanegra, E., Kinscherff, R. T., & Márquez-Greene, N. (2019, August 8–11). Gun violence: An event on the power of community [Conference presentation]. APA 2019 Convention, Chicago, IL, United States.


  • PhD, Clinical and Medical Psychology, University of Florida
  • MA, Psychology, University of Jordan
Ashraf Alqudah, PhD

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