Anne Wanjiru

Anne Wanjiru works as SIT’s Swahili instructor and course coordinator. Anne instructs, advises both students and Kiswahili teachers on how to approach Kiswahili language acquisition, and works to ensure that students’ overall language needs are being met. Anne received her secondary education in central Kenya. She speaks and writes English, Kiswahili, and other local languages. She also has a diploma in teaching methodology and a diploma from the local Kiswahili institutions for Teaching Kiswahili to Speakers of Other Languages. She started teaching standard spoken Kiswahili as a foreign language to different foreigners who come to work in Nairobi. In addition to her work with SIT Study Abroad, she is a part-time freelance tutor for graduate students. Anne has worked with SIT for over 10 years.

Anne Wanjiru

SIT Study Abroad

Swahili Instructor and Course Coordinator

KENYA: Virtual Swahili Language (All Levels)

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