Alida Hasiniaina

Alida is a Malagasy primatologist whose research interests center on behavioral ecology, communication, and conservation of lemurs in Madagascar. She completed her master’s degree in primatology in 2011 at the University of Mahajanga, Madagascar. She received her PhD in 2019 at the Institute of Zoology, University of Veterinary Medicine, in Hanover Germany. Her dissertation examined the importance of acoustic signalling systems and how acoustic methods can play a major role in biodiversity monitoring.  

Alida’s specific interest is in conservation biology of lemurs through bioacoustic methods. In the future, she plans to build knowledge on the use of bioacoustics as a non-invasive tool to detect and monitor nocturnal lemur communities in Madagascar, working with species that have a narrow distribution, including many lemur species, and those species that are threatened by the destruction of their natural habitat. 


  • Institute of Zoology, University of Veterinary Medicine, PhD
  • University of Mahajanga, MA
Alida Hasiniaina

SIT Study Abroad

Site Coordinator

MADAGASCAR: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

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