SIT’s “Africa: See for Yourself” campaign wins GoAbroad Innovation Award; shortlisted for The PIEoneer Awards

Announcement Date: June 3, 2024   |   Africa

School for International Training is pleased to share that SIT Study Abroad’s Africa: See for Yourself campaign won GoAbroad’s Innovation in Marketing and Digital Media award at NAFSA’s annual conference last week. In March, the campaign was named one of five finalists from the total nominations submitted.

The campaign's purpose is compelling. As Africa emerges as the fastest-growing continent, projected to represent 1 in 4 people globally by 2050, understanding African perspectives is imperative. There is a critical need to expose students and future leaders to Africa's richness and diversity, fostering a more inclusive and globally aware generation.

Meanwhile, study abroad in Africa has been historically underrepresented, and post-Covid, the numbers have dwindled further. SIT’s campaign seeks to reverse this trend, aiming to highlight SIT’s expertise in the continent and boost student enrollment in SIT's Africa study abroad and graduate programs.

“With this campaign, we are encouraging students to broaden their worldviews and consider decolonial perspectives—to experience the vibrant cultures and sustainable practices that make Africa a global hub for development, technology, research, and the arts,” SIT President Dr. Sophia Howlett said in an announcement when the campaign began. “We are also restating our longstanding commitment to programming in Africa, where SIT has one of the largest program portfolios of any U.S. higher education institution or study abroad provider.”

The "Africa: See for Yourself" campaign launched in 2023 and is anticipated to run through 2024. This spring, applications for SIT’s Africa study abroad programs have soared by an impressive 48%. This attests to the effectiveness of the campaign strategies to resonate with its target audiences, driving outcomes.

The campaign employs a wide range of mediums and communication channels, from traditional print and digital advertisements, flyers, and brochures to social media, email marketing, landing pages, podcasts, news articles, and blogs. This comprehensive approach reflects a strategic deployment of resources to ensure maximum impact and engagement.

SIT has also organized in-person workshops for university faculty and study abroad advisors, allowing for real-time interaction on the topic of Africa. The combination of online and in-person strategies showcases SIT's dedication to reaching targeted audiences through varied and innovative means.

The “Africa: See for Yourself” campaign has also been selected as a finalist in The PIEoneer Awards 2024 in the Marketing Campaign of the Year category.

“You have done really well to be shortlisted. This year, we have received significantly more nominations than in 2023, with impressive initiatives being showcased from a wide range of organizations and institutions across the global education sector,” the PIE team said in an email alerting SIT as a finalist. Winners will be selected in the coming weeks.

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