August 2020 Capstone Schedule

Announcement Date: August 6, 2020

SIT Graduate Institute's August 2020 Capstone Seminar will be held from Tuesday, August 11 through Thursday, August 13. The seminar will be entirely online this year and 15 master's students will present their capstones through virtual sessions.

Most SIT Graduate Institute students complete their coursework with the presentation of a capstone project, which is a demonstration of students’ integration of theory and practice in their degree fields.

If you are interested in attending a virtual presentation, please contact Kim Lier at

Tuesday, August 11

1:00–2:30 PM

Jennifer Kosky: Cultivating Thriving Volunteerism: A Case Study of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Jessica Clarkson: Refugee Perspectives on Transitioning from Higher Education in the United States to Life Post-Graduation

3:00–4:30 PM

Brighid Carey: Neighbors in Turmoil: Colombian Attitudes toward Venezuelan Immigrants

Nicole Melendez: Supporting Latinx College Students Study Abroad

Wednesday, August 12

10:30 AM–12:00 PM

Stephanie Clement: The Coronavirus's Impact on Climate Change Research and Institutional Resilience

Peter Plass: Strategies of Higher Education Admission Professionals to Adapt to the Recent Drop in Foreign Student Enrollment

1:00–2:30 PM

Christian Hawkins: Refugee Access to Quality Education: Incorporating Teachers’ Perspectives on Primary and Secondary Academic Opportunities for Refugee Students in Jordan and Uganda

Emily Huydic: Study Away for the Differently Abled: A Study Away Program for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

3:00–4:30 PM

Alison Opolu Donyina: Exploring Approaches to Effective Evaluation for Public Diplomacy Exchange Programs

Erin Gulliams: How Do They Do It?: Looking at the Strengths and Challenges in the Running of a Completely Voluntary Non-Profit Organization

Thursday, August 13

10:30 AM–12:00 PM

Jariel Arvin: Climate Change Communication during the Coronavirus Pandemic

1:00–2:30 PM

Breanna Thompson: Sharing Stories, Building Bonds: The Reconciliating Power of a Narrative

Sarah (Abbi) Eidt: Spanish Language and Culture in Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Argentina

Alanna Ross: L’Enracinement et L’Ouverture: A Relevant Global Citizenship Education in Senegal

3:00–4:30 PM

Maeve Mallozzi-Kelly: The Politics of Seeds and Their Effect on Small-Scale Paraguayan Farmers