A statement on the crisis in Israel and Gaza

Announcement Date: October 12, 2023   |   School for International Training

At World Learning and School for International Training, we are deeply saddened and troubled by the events unfolding in Israel and Gaza. We are keenly aware of the many innocent people who have been and continue to be directly impacted by this horrific situation. We are also profoundly concerned about what this could mean for the broader region and the world. 

The violence being inflicted on innocent children and adults goes against the essence of our beliefs as an organization. Our 90+-year history is grounded in the mission to build a more peaceful and just world. Currently, we implement a number of important programs in the region that aim to facilitate inclusive societies and strengthen democratic processes and civic institutions. We believe this is the best hope for long-term peace and stability. 

Today, we express our sympathy and solidarity with all those who are enduring unfathomable devastation and loss. We stand strong, resolved, and rededicated to our work to foster a world where all people can live in dignity and peace.

Carol Jenkins
CEO, World Learning

Dr. Sophia Howlett
President, School for International Training