Wen Zengzhe

Zengzhe has been the program coordinator since 2004. He was born in Beijing and in 1983 graduated from Kunming Medical College, where he was trained in Western medicine with a specialization in anesthesiology. He completed his Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training at the Yunnan Traditional Medical College in 1989. Zengzhe has practiced TCM for over twenty years and anesthesiology at Yunnan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital starting in 1983. From 1994 to 2003, he was director of anesthesiology. He is an associate professor at the Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Yunnan and directs C-Bridge Consultancy Co. Ltd. of Kunming, which promotes cross-cultural exchange on medical issues and development between China, other countries, and NGOs.

Wen Zengzhe

SIT Study Abroad

Program Coordinator

CHINA: Community Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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