Waly Faye, MA

Waly is a development studies specialist. He has been coordinating education programs for U.S. universities in Senegal for more than 12 years. Those programs include the University of Minnesota Studies in International Development (since 2007) and IHP Cities in the 21st Century (from 2011 to 2016). Waly has an academic background in development studies. He has a masters in development project management and a masters in public administration. Waly is also a research, monitoring, evaluation, and learning specialist, with deep knowledge of Senegal in the West African development, academic, political, and cultural contexts. He has developed over the years a wide network of nonprofit and for-profit organizations that he works with in different areas.  Waly is passionate about development and strongly committed to social justice. 

Waly Faye, MA

SIT Study Abroad

Country Coordinator, Senegal

IHP International Relations: Global Governance, Human Security, and Civil Society

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