S. Aqeel Tirmizi, PhD

Dr. Tirmizi, a visiting faculty member at SIT, is professor of Leadership, Management and Service at the Graduate School of Leadership & Change in Antioch University. His professional portfolio includes more than 25 years of international experience in teaching, research, management, and capacity building. The major focus of his work deals extensively with managing and leading in global and multicultural environments as well as working with themes of social justice and social innovation. He teaches in the areas of organizational behavior, leadership and change, theory and practice of mission-driven organizations, human resource management, and social entrepreneurship.

Dr. Tirmizi’s research focuses on leadership, social entrepreneurship, multicultural teams, decision-making, and human resource management with attention to issues of culture and social responsibility. He has presented his work at leading international conferences in Asia, Europe and the U.S., including the Academy of Management Annual Conference, the European Academy of Management Conference, and the International Leadership Association Global Conference. He is a member of the International Humanistic Management Association, the International Leadership Association, and Leadership Learning Community.

He has extensive experience in executive and customized training, facilitation, and capacity building programs for clients in multiple sectors. Dr. Tirmizi has facilitated programs focusing on leadership development, strategic planning, team development, and organizational capacity building for a variety of national and international organizations. This work has included a four-year program with Ford Foundation’s International Fellowship Program, where he co-directed the Leadership for Social Justice Institute for about 1,000 young leaders from 20 countries.


  • PhD, State University of New York, Binghamton
  • MA, School for International Training
S. Aqeel Tirmizi, PhD

SIT Graduate Institute

Affiliated Faculty

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

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